Introducing the Premium Concentrate Kit 350mAh vape Blister Pack, a sleek and powerful vaping solution designed for connoisseurs of thick oils, CBD, and e-liquids. Additionally this kit provides a premium vaping experience with its innovative features and high-quality build.

The centrepiece of this vape kit is the 350mAh battery, elegantly styled in black. It also offers three variable voltage settings, allowing you to customise your vape experience. Uniquely the button light indicator provides clear feedback on your device’s status.


For safety and convenience, the battery has a five-click on/off feature and a two-click preheat function.


the preheat function optimises your vape cartridge, while the variable voltage feature offers options of 3.3 volts (green light), 3.7 volts (blue light), and 4.0 volts (red light).

C3 ceramic cartridge

Complementing the battery is the C3 ceramic cartridge, delivering pure flavour and consistent vapour production. Also the cartridge features a full ceramic coil, plastic mouthpiece, and pyrex glass body for a clean and flavourful vape experience.


technology, the C3 ceramic cartridge ensures no leakage and exceptional vapour production. Additionally each cartridge is individually packaged in a plastic safety tube for transit.

Also the screw-in mouthpiece allows easy refilling and compatibility with other media pens and 510 batteries.


With atomiser capacities of 1ml and 0.5ml, the C3 ceramic cartridge accommodates your specific needs. Additionally its low resistance of 1.6 ohms makes it ideal for low-power devices, delivering optimal performance and longevity.

To maximise performance, wait at least 15 minutes after filling the C3 ceramic cartridge for the first use. Clean the airway regularly for a smooth vape. Also note that this cartridge is not suitable for high-power batteries or mods, as it may damage the coil.

Experience the ultimate vaping experience with the Premium Concentrate Vape Kit 350mAh Blister Pack. Its advanced features, durable construction, and compatibility with high quality cartridges make it a must-have for refined vapers.