V4 Nic Salts 20MG 3x10ml bottles



3 x 10ml bottles  20mg of your choice of flavour

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Firstly V4 Nic Salts 20mg is centered around the use of nicotine salts. A natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Secondly unlike traditional freebase nicotine in standard e-liquids, nicotine salts offer a unique and efficient nicotine delivery system. Thirdly this innovative approach ensures a remarkably smooth throat hit, even at higher nicotine concentrations, reducing the harshness commonly associated with high-nicotine e-liquids. Additionally For those transitioning from smoking to vaping, V4 Nic Salts’ 20mg strength provides an ideal option for a more satisfying nicotine experience.

One of the significant advantages of V4 Nic Salts 20mg lies in its versatility. Whether you prefer discreet and portable pod systems or compact vape pens, V4 Nic Salts’ formulation guarantees optimal performance and consistent flavour across compatible devices.

The 20mg nicotine strength strikes a perfect balance, appealing to vapers who desire a moderate level of nicotine satisfaction. By effectively curbing cravings and offering a more prolonged sense of satiation. V4 Nic Salts 20mg is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their nicotine intake without compromising on the pleasure of vaping.

Moreover, V4 Nic Salts doesn’t compromise on flavour. The brand offers an enticing array of mouthwatering flavours, thoughtfully crafted to please every palate. From luscious tropical mangoes to refreshing bursts of icy menthol, and even the classic appeal of tobacco. Each e-liquid is a masterpiece of taste and aroma. Whatever your craving, V4 Nic Salts has a flavor to satisfy and elevate your vaping journey.

These are TPD compliant.

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