Introducing our premium Black Ziplock Bags, firstly meticulously crafted to meet your storage needs with precision. Secondly measuring at 70mm by 145mm, these bags offer a compact yet versatile solution for various items. Thirdly the resealable design ensures your contents remain secure, while the innovative smellproof technology keeps odours discreetly contained. Also whether you’re organising small accessories or safeguarding aromatic products, our Bags combine convenience, reliability, and odour-free storage in one sleek package.

Ideal Dimensions: With measurements of 70mm by 145mm, our black ziplock bags provide a spacious and adaptable packaging option. Suited for a wide array of items, from herbs to small essentials.

Advanced Resealable Design: Featuring a reliable resealable mechanism, these bags guarantee secure closure to prevent leaks, spills, and contamination. Ensuring your contents remain fresh and safe.

Efficient Odour Management: Crafted with cutting-edge technology, these black ziplock bags excel at containing odours. Making them a dependable choice for storing aromatic products without affecting your surroundings.

Premium Build: Manufactured from superior-grade materials, these bags are exceptionally durable and resistant to tearing. Providing a trustworthy solution for storing items over extended periods.

Versatility Redefined: Whether for personal, travel, or business use, these black ziplock bags cater to various needs. Boasting a sleek design that ensures your items are stored securely and stylishly.

These can fit our carts in click here to find out more about the carts and other items such as seeds etc